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HatchUp Helps

HatchUp Helps

HatchUp Helps is a movement that tackles extreme poverty in the Philippines, which has continued to afflict people's lives from generation to generation. It aims to help eradicate the generational problem by giving proper skills and education to the children and youth.


To build HatchUp Academy by the year 2023.

HatchUp Inc. and HatchUp Magazine will donate a portion of the profits and the donations to fund HatchUp Academy.

I have always felt the need to help, give, and elevate the lives of others, maybe because it's God's grace, a byproduct of my childhood, or it's a genetic predisposition. I am honestly not sure why and I don't even care what the reason is. What I'm certain of is that it's who I am, and this is my purpose.

I'm more focused than ever for 2022 and shedding some weight in my life, trimming some fat in the business, and holding myself to a higher standard.

With this, the HatchUp Academy will be focusing on enriching financial education among children and young adults. It is one of the biggest problems facing many people—regardless of where they come from. We now live in a time when teaching financial education to children and young adults is increasingly important to help them get out of the poverty trap.

HatchUp Academy HatchUp Academy
Children listening to an instructor

What we do

  • Education on nutrition, basic life skills, basic financial literacy for school dropouts and street youth
  • Social care, education on family care and community development
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Where we work

In the disadvantaged areas of the Philippines, thousands of families rely directly or indirectly on the garbage 'industry,' and the majority of them, if not all, can't even afford to sustain their basic needs.

Jobs range from scavenging recyclable materials to driving bike taxis called pedicabs. With these jobs, the average family income is about USD 5/day, just enough to buy 3 kilos of rice and four canned goods to feed five or more stomachs.

In some areas in Tondo in Manila, where the country’s poorest of the poor live, there's a street food called "pagpag," which literally means brush the dirt. It is waste or leftover food thrown out from restaurants and fast-food chains and being collected and cooked again through repeated cleansing and deep-frying. This critically dangerous food is a result of extreme poverty in the country.

It has been a long-overdue problem that has been continued from generation to generation, resulting in financial constraints and a lack of educational and social support, causing many children to be unable to complete their education and break the cycle of poverty.

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What we want

HatchUp Academy will run a preschool to ensure children aged 3 – 5 have access to early education and care. This is combined with training for their parents in health, nutrition, hygiene, and financial skills.

HatchUp Academy will work with children aged 5 – 18 to ensure they are enrolled in schools and colleges and provide after-school learning support. There are education programs for those who have dropped out of school to prepare children for re-enrollment. HatchUp Academy will provide individual social support and social education for all the students and their families.


A changed mindset means children believe they can have a better situation than their parents and have the self-confidence and independence to create their path in life to end the cycle of poverty.

How you can help

You can make a donation towards our preschool, the education of children, the children who dropped out of school or donate towards the family & social care programs.

How every dollar makes a difference

Provides school supplies like pencils and books
Provides a desk for one student
Provides a bench and a desk for three students
Provides scholarship for one year

Make a donation

Send an email to jay@hatchupmagazine.com

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