February 16, 2024

Goodlawyer: Building The Future Of Law

HatchUp Editorial Team

Goodlawyer: Revolutionizing Legal Services for Businesses

In the fast-paced world of business, legal matters often present themselves as cumbersome obstacles, hindering growth and progress. CEO Brett Colvin, having experienced the inefficiencies and frustrations of the traditional legal system during his five-year tenure at a big firm, recognized the pressing need for change. In 2019, he took a bold leap, joining forces with co-founders Parker, Tom, and Grant to establish something groundbreaking – Goodlawyer.

The vision driving Goodlawyer was crystal clear: to craft a legal service tailored specifically to the needs of scaling companies, one that would be efficient, business-focused, and devoid of the typical red tape. What started as humble beginnings around Brett's kitchen table has blossomed into a thriving enterprise headquartered in the Telus Sky building, serving a diverse clientele of over 5,000 founders, business executives, and legal teams from every corner of Canada.

At the heart of Goodlawyer lies a deep commitment to its people. It's not just about providing legal solutions; it's about fostering a community of audacious and dedicated individuals, each bringing their unique talents and expertise to the table. From former big law and in-house lawyers to growth specialists, product managers, and skilled software engineers, Goodlawyer boasts a team as diverse as it is dynamic.

But what truly sets Goodlawyer apart is its unwavering mission to revolutionize the legal landscape for businesses. Every decision, every action taken by the team is driven by this singular goal. Whether it's streamlining processes, embracing innovative technologies, or prioritizing client satisfaction, Goodlawyer is committed to paving the way for a more efficient and accessible legal experience.


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